Preparedness is key when it comes to snow removal by the city and township -- and this year's gonna be a doozy!

We can all do better - some of us can do A WHOLE LOT better...

Welcome to your ONE-STOP Election Guide!  Check back frequently for updates...

It's not quite Orange Barrel Season in Beavercreek, but here is where you can expect to find them this year!

Over the coming weeks, Beavercreek will explode into a palette of beautiful Fall foliage - but where can you find BEAVERCREEK'S FINEST?!

Each year, Beavercreek is the center of the popcorn universe the weekend after Labor Day, love it or loathe it - what's your plan?

On August 19, 2015 Beavercreek City Schools unveiled an absolute gem of a facility for the youngest of our students!

William Shakespeare never visited Beavercreek, but if he had - I he'd surely have loved it... and even found his way around!

You shouldn't have to dig so deeply for good news about our community! There's plenty buried right under your nose...

As Senior Picture time winds down and the wedding season heats up, let's share some of our favorite photo spots!

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